Unique German words that are missing in English vocabulary

Unique German words that are missing in English vocabulary

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Germans have a reputation for putting together two separate words to make one word. Their language is also unique in that complex emotions and ideas can be represented in a single word. These words often don’t have an English equivalent. Let’s take a look at a few. 1. Fremdschämen You know that feeling when you watch clips on YouTube of …

Wie Sie Ihren Vorsatz Sprache lernen für 2019 verwirklichen

Eine Fremdsprache lernen oder vertiefen – so setzen Sie Ihren Neujahrsvorsatz wirklich um

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Im neuen Jahr soll alles anders werden und Sie haben den Vorsatz gefasst, eine weitere Sprache zu lernen oder Ihre Fremdsprachenkenntnisse zu vertiefen? Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihr Vorhaben langfristig mit Erfolg in die Tat umsetzen. Warum der Vorsatz, eine Sprache zu lernen, sich lohnt Es gibt viele gute Gründe, eine Sprache zu lernen zum dringlichsten Vorsatz für das …

Tandem leaerning is a fun and effective way to learn a foreign language

Improving language skills with a partner – A guide to tandem learning

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It is amazing how great ideas last for many generations. The concept of language exchange has been there since the 70s. If you’re not familiar with the idea, it essentially involves finding an individual in your target language who’s also inclined to learn your native language. Once you’ve become tandem partners, you can chat while trying to learn each other’s …

Die englische Sprache wird weltweit gesprochen, es gibt jedoch Unterschiede

Von Afroamerikanisch bis Walisisch – Ausprägungen und Unterschiede der englischen Sprache

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Just a wee biscuit, aight? Regional, kulturell und historisch – diese wichtigen Unterschiede machen die englische Sprache von Schottland über Rap bis hin zu den Simpsons aus. Ausprägungen – die englische Sprache im Überblick Englisch ist eine der wenigen Weltsprachen. Auch deutsche Muttersprachler greifen immer mehr auf Englisch zurück, um eine gemeinsame Kommunikationsgrundlage mit Menschen rund um den Globus zu …

Deciding which foreign language to study can be difficult. From some languages you will benefit more.

Which foreign language should I learn? You will benefit from learning these useful languages!

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Learning a new language is a significant investment not only from a linguistic point of view but also from an economic point of view. Speaking a foreign language will grant you a better position among your competitors. Moreover, communicating with the locals in their language signifies effort that is appreciated anywhere. 1. German Studies have revealed that German is among …

being an Expat

Best things about being an Expat

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As an expat in a new country, it’s important that you learn the ropes of living there as soon as possible. However, even with the challenges involved in acclimatizing to a new environment, there are many great things about being an expat. You can find fulfillment, pleasure, excitement and even happiness in various aspects of being an expat. Here are …

Expatriate training

Why Expatriate training is important for your business

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Thanks to, among other things, the internet and globalization, organizations are not limited to operating locally. They can stretch their reach over vast geographical regions. For this reason, an increasing number of companies in the US are sending their employees on international assignments to work as expatriates. Not only is this a huge financial investment, it also requires a lot …

Expat failure

Reasons for Expat failure and how to avoid them

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Venturing into a new territory opens up a sea of possibilities both for an organization and the employee who receives the international assignment. For the employer, it’s an opportunity to tap into the market of the new region. For the expatriate, it’s—among other things—a chance to broaden their career and life experience by immersing themselves into a new culture. However, …

translating humor

The challenges of translating humor

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There are some risks inherent in attempting to translate humor but that is not to say that it is impossible. It is certainly possible to migrate light-heartedness from one language to another, a fact that is evidenced at the very least by an appreciation of the works of Woody Allen among the French. We need to take a closer look …


The advantages of being bilingual

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Are you looking for a new job? Do you wish you had a way of making your personal life more fulfilling? Do you want to improve your health? It’s time you learned a second language. When considering the benefits of being bilingual, what comes to mind for most people are the straightforward advantages like being able to ask for directions …