Since 2000, WORTLAND has offered language and communication training for companies and private clients in Munich and the surrounding area.

We believe that the right match between participants and trainers is critical to success. In order for the chemistry to be right, we personally get to know each corporate and private client.

We have developed our own innovative method to teach German as a foreign language.

WORTLAND has been working, since 2000, with a permanent team of more than 70 language and communication trainers/coaches. They are as individual as our customers. Each has a different background with skills in line with the needs of our participants.

What We Offer You

Free preliminary interview - We meet with you in a relaxed enviroment to understand your needs and ensure the right fit in selecting your trainer.

In-house training - our trainers will come to you upon request, saving you time and money.

The Wortland Method - our customers learn on average 20% faster than those using traditional methods.

Pedagogical skills – our trainers’ extensive experience and relevant qualifications enabable our clients to rapidly achieve their individual goals.

On-going Teacher Assessment – to ensure the highest quality of our teachers, Wortland conducts employee meetings, coaching sessions and annual employee appraisals.

Fast & Responsive – we can quickly organize your course and report back to corporate clients as required.

Flexible – we build classes around your schedule to facilitate course attendance.

The Team

A team of over 70 qualified native instructors and coaches is available for your professional support. Here you can meet some of us:

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Carmen Maria Beck, M.A.

  • Owner of WORTLAND since 2007; Director since 2015
  • Masters in “German Linguistics” with an emphasis on German as a Foreign Language
  • More than 20 years of teaching experience
  • Teacher training and coaching in the Wortland method, at Competent (Frankfurt)

My passion is to connect people, to choose the right trainer for my clients and to provide fulfilling and useful contacts. I enjoying creating long-term relationships with my colleagues and customers.

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Susanne Plassmann

Drawing upon my experience as a presentation coach, comedian and stage actress, I assist you with becoming comfortable in front of an audience and getting their attention. Whether you have to make a point in a small team meeting or in front of a great audience: I am right by your side to help you create an authentic, successful appearance. Learn how to get people to really listen to YOU!

I get into the role of Lola Montez and challenge you through team-building based on methods used in the improvisational theatre! I take care, that creativity and cooperation flow into the team and help to strengthen the presence of each team member.

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Andreas Mayer

"As an actor, I of course like using role-plays in class, they help to tease out my students’ creative potential. I particularly enjoy the intercultural and international exchange I have with the people I meet. I am strongly committed to providing diversified and flexible language learning situations and meeting the individual needs of my students."

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Daphna Cahn

"What I like about teaching:

  • I very much enjoy seeing my students understand and become more comfortable in a new and foreign environment through language.
  • It is my pleasure to meet people from different countries and cultures.
  • It is important for me to recognise what my students need and how their approach to language learning is and to adapt my teaching sessions accordingly."

Special qualification: "Zertifizierte Dozentin: Deutsch für medizinische Fachkräfte"

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Daniela Cappellari

"As a bilingual trainer of German and Italian, I love the unusual combination of fun, movement and learning (body, mind and soul). As a language teacher and an instructor of Energy Dance, I understand how to steer the learning process in a creative way. I have been successfully teaching individual and group lessons in companies for over 20 years and also offer intercultural communication training (Germany / Italy)."

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Farah Stöhr

I have many years of experience as a lecturer of French and High Arabic. I am a bilingual native speaker of French and Arabic, as well as a trained language teacher in psychodramaturgy and a media spokeswoman.

My lessons are creative, lively and varied. Thus, my students can learn as quickly as possible in an interesting environment.

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Jürgen Beck-Rebholz

Jürgen Beck-Rebholz is an actor, theatre director and theatre teacher. In his workshops, training and coaching courses he draws upon a variety of theatre techniques to encourage students to expand their skill set and develop their creativity. He has been working for more than 100 companies since 1995, holding workshops and courses in improvisation, presentation, change management, team development, conflict training and theme theatre.

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Milena Hardt, M.A.

Communication Trainer, Rhetoric Coach, Professional Speaker, Actress. WORTLAND cooperation partner.

For over ten years, I have been training executives successfully in the fields of voice improvement, rhetorical skills, and presentation. My training courses are customised and practical and my goal is to induce long-lasting changes and to give my clients effective tools, which they can easily put into practice in day-to-day life. What motivates me is being able to accompany my clients and watch them successfully reach their personal objectives.

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Andreas Seitz

Andreas Seitz has been working as a consultant, trainer and coach for organisations, managers and teams internationally since 2000. Prior to this, he was a manager in the media industry;his last assignment was in the management board of a joint venture of Bertelsmann and Walt Disney. He is trained in systemic transaction analysis, team development and organisational development.

His passion is communication in change management processes and corporateresource networking. As a consultant, he designs and accompanies change management processes. As a trainer, he specialises in moderation, leadership communication, conflict management and solution strategies. Besides speaking German, he is also fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Catrin Günther

The best motivators in the classroom: fun and variety!

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Wendy Reitz

For me personally, teaching is about getting to know people. Figuring out about their unique learning style and personality, and then adapting my teaching to meet their needs. This is my favorite thing about teaching, my students.

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Isabel Imhof

"Learning a language is like stepping into a tunnel:

At first it's dark and cold, but the more you understand and can communicate, the brighter and warmer it gets. From the initial incomprehensible sea of words, to individual words becoming clear, to understanding a whole sentences, at some point you will be riding the wave of language ... it’s a great experience!

I could not imagine a more interesting profession than teaching German to foreigners: it’s a constant give and take. I learn so much about foreign cultures, countries, people ... and - directly or indirectly - their way of living and thinking."

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Thomas Völkl

Certified Accountant, Diploma in Speech Education, Studied international Action Competence (University of Regensburg).

Trainer for high rope courses; demography manager; PR and communication manager at Siemens Healthcare GmbH; rhetoric and communication trainer. He also lectures at several universities, was a team leader at Adecco Finance Zürich and consultant at SERVfKOM GmbH, Weiden.

He accompanies and consults leaders especially in corporate communication skills. His key competencies are oral communication, rhetoric, speech education, and moderation and presentation skills.

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Christian Schubert

"Since my 2nd state exam in Social Studies and German Studies, I have enjoyed teaching. Firstly, I had role models who motivated me. Secondly, the ability to grasp a language and be able to fluently speak about my experiences became increasingly important in my own life. Thirdly, by helping my students aquire langauge, I can have an meaningful impact on their lives.

It is fun to see people aquire a new language and express themselves. Small shoots of learning emerge, then branches and ultimately flowers that were not there before.

My enthusiasm to do something passionately comes from sports. I liked to train, to be fast and persistent. I would like to share these feelings of success with my expat students, by givng them support and encouragement.

My approach: I make a connection with my students and try to understand tbem. Using my many years of teaching experience, I have a sense of what each student needs for successful language acquisition. While each course has specific goals, I use all methods available to me in my classes: using situations, learning through review, repetition and exercises, and focusing on all four skills. Humor, laughter, expressing joy, and taking small steps toward success are important features of my class."

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Anne-Sophie Ahrens

"During my academic career and long stays in France, Spain and Germany, I gained extensive experience teaching French as a foreign language. In order to teach a wide variety of people from different cultures, I utilize digital media and modern information/communication technologies on a daily basis. While teaching at various institutes and organizations, and also in writing my dissertation on the topic of technology in teaching, I became skilled at adapting technologies to the individual requirements of my students.

I am especially interested in communicating linguistic and cultural information to my students in an interactive way that inspires and motivates them. I am delighted to give participants tools that help them more easily, joyfully progress and, above all, enable them to experience the French language and Francophone culture. That's why I enjoy teaching and that is what counts for the students."

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Ellen Bouveret

Le plaisir d'apprendre – the joy of learning.

"As a French teacher, my lessons are not only about perfecting French language skills, but also about recognising the beauty of the language itself and of French culture as a whole. So I bring in historic and current events, political and cultural discourses or artwork to provide a more comprehensive and interesting insight. It is important for both French and Germans, who live so close to one another to comprehend that it is not only about learning the language but also about real communication with a mutual understanding of the respective other culture.

I am an experienced French language teacher (my clients include the Alliance Française, Insitut Français, European School in Munich, European Patent Office Munich and since 2013 the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich). I also worked as a language teacher trainer for TV5 for over 10 years.

I believe that creating a positive learning environment and listening actively as a teacher, tailoring the class to the individual needs and present situation of the students are key to successful language learning."

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Ken Macbeth Knowles

Born in Texas, USA, I live in Bavaria since 2001. I have a degree in Music and Literature from the prestigious University of Cincinnati, a Certificate in English Language Training (Celta / University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate) and One-to-One Language Coaching from Mark Powell. I work as a language trainer, musician, journalist and social media trainer.

I have been working in numerous companies in the areas of presentation, business communication, telephone negotiations, etc.

As a former music teacher of children in the US, I am a particularly patient teacher. I work practice-oriented and can explain difficult matters easily. In addition, my journalistic knowledge enables me to put things in a nutshell (inter alia as General Editor at The Munich Times / The Munich Eye and Munich Now). I am also experienced in market analysis and PR / public relations. My passion: training companies in social media!

WORTLAND Teammitglied

David Diaz

"Working with beginners is very special to me. Their success is the driving force inside me; the progress they make is my fuel. Their first words mean a lot to me."

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Andrea Antzcak

"My philosophy: Creating a positive, encouraging atmosphere helps break down inhibitions, establishes trust, and motivates learners. This, within a systematic, logical and professional framework, generates English learning in a productive, effective and enjoyable way. And that is what I do."

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Martina Schumann

"I have many years of experience as a language trainer (DaF, French and Italian). As a results of living abroad for several years, I also possess strong intercultural competence and the ability to adapt to very different countries and cultures.
In my lively-communicative seminars, which address the individual needs of my participants, I am able to provide an inspiring, positive learning environment. I also motivate them to achieve their personal goals, as well as attaining a good level of clear and effective communication."