Since 2000 we have been conducting language and communication training for international and medium-sized companies. In recent years, sales and executive training have expanded our profile. Our in-house concepts are tailor-made and - depending on the task in the company - are aimed at executives and employees alike. To ensure that training or coaching is an all-round fit, we have well over 70 qualified trainers available to our customers.


Good internal and external communication is transparent and coordinated. It motivates, prevents misunderstandings, improves work processes and teamwork. It leads to a better customer approach and visibility in the market. In this way, companies are also strengthened as an employer brand and benefit from their good image. Our aim is to strengthen companies in their communication, so that successes do not fail due to language barriers or communication deficits.

Your benefit - Our promise

In-house training: Our trainers come to you on request. This saves you and your employees time and money.

We advise you on planned training measures in the area of communication, so that you quickly receive the right training concept and the right trainer/coach, with whom you or your employees can quickly and successfully achieve your goals.

Thanks to the many years of experience and relevant qualifications of our trainers and coaches, you are on the safe side with us.

We take over the course organization and coordination for you and ensure a quick implementation of the training measures.

Through consulting, pre-selection of trainers, feedback and reporting, we ensure transparency and security. In this way, you save time and receive high-quality training that is tailored to your needs.


Wortland offers customized training concepts for clear and successful communication. Our training and coaching is aimed at executives who want to develop in their leadership role, e.g. as a virtual leader, and at employees who want to improve their language skills, rhetoric & voice, presentation, moderation skills or stage and camera presence.

Our strength is to develop the right training for your task and to find a trainer who is ideally suited to you, both thematically and personally. We also offer open workshops with ever-changing concepts, for which you and your employees can register at any time.

What makes us special is our highly individualized training offer for languages, communication and leadership, based on more than 20 years of experience and the long-term cooperation with our well over 70 trained and qualified language, communication and leadership trainers.


WORTLAND Teammitglied

Carmen Maria Beck

  • Owner (from 2007 - 2015 co-owner) and managing director (since 2015) of WORTLAND
  • M. A. Linguistics
  • Over 25 years of training experience
  • matchmaker

"My passion is connecting people and making fulfilling and beneficial contacts - the right trainer for each client. I enjoy our long-standing connections with our clients and colleagues.

I advise our clients, carefully analyze their needs and organize the right training for them. Fast, uncomplicated and precisely fitting. I find the right trainer / coach for the planned project and control the success.

My claim: Highest performance at fair prices!"

WORTLAND Teammitglied

Daniel Münnig

"As a trained office manager with years of experience in customer service at BMW and ADAC, I support WORTLAND on the phone and in the back office and actively assist Ms. Beck as her right hand man."