Communication and Rhetoric Training

We offer Online Trainings for Online Presentations and Online Meeting Management in English and German.

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Training portfolio



We can easily create a training program that best meets your needs. They can be booked as ongoing individual trainings, as well as in-house seminars. We are happy to design an individual concept for you. You can also book full day seminars, focused on the theme of your choice. Find out about our current offers under daily seminars and trainings.


  • Speaking freely and lecturing - Rhetorical foundations of convincing lecture technique
  • Arguing and convincing - Practical Training in Arguments, Speech Schemes, Elevator Pitches, Statements
  • Rhetoric for women


  • Presentation training – Confident mastery of modern presentation media, rhetorical presentation techniques
  • Express presentation training
  • Keynote speech, individual coaching


  • Creative and dramaturgical approaches to finding your own story
  • Practically applicable creative techniques
  • Change of perspective for creative solutions

Speech and voice training

  • What makes your voice powerful? Training for a powerful voice and speaking convincingly
  • Speech and voice training for executives - competence criteria voice & speech
  • Telephone Training
  • Dialect Training

Rhetoric coaching for executives

  • Tailored individual training, according to needs’ analysis - training modules from all subject areas available

Meeting management – seminars in German or English

  • Meeting management I - conduct meetings efficiently and purposefully
  • Meeting management II - direct and moderate meetings

Making online meetings effective. English and/or German seminar with two native speaker coaches. Online and offline seminars.

  • Preparing, leading and/or participating in meetings in a targeted manner
  • Communicating effectively and quickly
  • Convincing use of voice and speech patterns
  • Get to the point!
  • Making decision-making processes more effective
  • Appropriate handling of language barriers

Occurrence - business etiquette

  • Convincing, competent and confident presence
  • Fundamentals of business by Knigge
  • Appearance and personal impression
  • Color and style advice
  • Wardrobe check and shopping support

Internationality in the company

  • International speaking styles
  • Awareness of cultural differences/sensitivities
  • Dealing with culture-specific situations
  • Getting to know and adapting to German culture for foreign employees


  • Direction and dramaturgy
  • Targeted staging with dramaturgical elements
  • Moderation and interaction
  • Authenticity and stage effect
  • Treating questions and objections confidently
  • Skilled handling of difficult situations


Workshop, trainer input, dialogue between group and trainer, intensive exercise sequences and the simulation of  authentic situations guarantee success and long-lasting results. Video recording with individual feedback by trainers and groups is possible. Use of all relevant design tools. Tailored solutions for your company.

Target groups

  • Company
  • Individuals / entrepreneurs who want to reach their potential


  • Our pool of highly qualified executive trainers enables you to get everything you need from a single source - from individual coaching to moderation training. This allows your employees to focus on training exactly what they need to succeed.
  • Our coaches have worked with great success on major projects. This means you will get the highest quality trainers and your employees will succeed.
  • We keep you well informed, from coordination at the outset to progress updates.
  • Your employees will be more professional and effective in making presentations and leading meetings.
  • They will gain in confidence and improve their overall presence, argue clearly and be memorable to their audiences. They will optimize their speaking skills and learn to consciously use linguistic and non-linguistic techniques. As a result, they will gain in charisma, stature and persuasiveness.
  • Numerous exercise sequences, video feedback and the use of practical examples, ensure that your employees will build their skills successfullly.



Teambuilding with theatermethods

  • Improvisational theater exercises, adapted to the group and the task
  • Body and language awareness
  • Goal-oriented team communication
  • Training of spontaneity, initiative and quick reaction


    Workshop, trainer input, dialogue between group and trainer, intensive exercise sequences and the simulation of lecture situations guarantee sustainable learning success. Video recording with individual feedback from trainer and group possible. Use of all relevant design tools. Tailor-made solutions for your company.

    Target groups

    • Companies
    • Individual entrepreneurs who want to put their potential on the road more successfully.


    • Confidence improves and grows.
    • Conscious body language and a clear, expressive voice emerges.
    • Team members become more sensitized to one and other.
    • Communication structures between team members change, improving their interactions.
    • And of course: having fun with your team and seeing yourself and others in a new light.
    • Better understanding of each other and better team spirit.

    Writing skills


    In the interactive compact training, you learn the best way to write e-mails and letters. We are happy to adapt the training to reflect your specific writing needs. Bookable as in-house training.

    • Public relations and corporate identity
    • Recipient-focused and partnership building
    • Elements of modern correspondence
    • Letter Structure
    • Style
    • DIN standards
    • Design rules for emails
    • Netiquette in emails
    • New German spelling

    Target group

    • Companies
    • Anyone who needs to write effectively


    • Your employees will represent your company uniformly in written work and convey your corporate identity.
    • Your employees will gain in orthographic and stylistic confidence.
    • Your employees will optimize their correspondence skills and communicate in a clear, modern and structured manner.
    • Your employees will write practice emails based on real life work examples, ensuring that they will immediately be able to use what they learn.
    • The e-mails and letters from your employees to your customers are henceforth something you can be proud of.

    Speaker training - four steps to becoming a confident speaker


    In four phrases, our multi-day speaker training teaches you to become a confident public speaker. Rhetorical knowledge is imparted in a step-by-step training structure, which is deepened and strengthened through intensive practical training. The required training modules are individually tailored. They can be booked as a continuous individual training or as an in-house seminar.

    Modules of Rhetorical and Public Speaking Training

    Basic module I
    Basics of rhetoric
    Structure of argumentation and oral presentation
    Body language and voice
    How to feel comfortable and confident on stage
    Public speaking and presentation

    Basic module II
    Visual communication
    Presentation techniques
    Using modern presentation tools effectively

    Additional module I
    Moderation techniques
    Meeting management
    Handling disturbances

    Additional module II
    Rhetorical devices
    Presentation and moderation
    Authenticity and stage presence
    Speaking on front of big audiences


    Workshop, trainer input, dialogue between group / participant and trainer, intensive exercises and simulation of presentations. Video recording with individual feedback by trainer and group possible.

    Target groups

    • Company
    • Entrpreneurs/business people who want to put their potential on the road more successfully.

    One-day seminars

    Our trainings are extremely practice-oriented and limited to a maximum of 8 participants. Since the class size is small, we are able to help each participant meet their professional goals. The participants are encouraged to bring examples of the work they would like to focus on. The feedback from the trainers and seminar participants proves that the information learned and practiced is very useful once the particpants return to work.

    Venue: Wortland, Pettenkoferstraße 44, 80336 Munich on the 1st floor (bell: "P44"). Easily accessible with the U4/5 Theresienwiese (exit "Paulskirche").

    Training duration: 09:00 - 17:00

    Refreshments as well as seminar documents are included in the price.

    Most trainings can also be booked as tailor-made, individual trainings or in-house seminars. We are happy to put together an individual concept!

    For more information check our German page.