The greatest possible commitment and the highest quality for your success: that is our promise to you. Our methods guarantee that you will build and consolidate your communication skills, through customized training. For maximum efficiency, our preliminary interview enables us to determine your targeted needs and level. With our focused methods, you and/or your staff develop the exact skills that you/they need to speak professionally and with confidence in a wide range of situations. Attend one of our next afterwork coaching sessions and be convinced that we are the company for you!

We offer:

  • With our pool of highly qualified executive trainers you get everything from a single source - from individual coaching to moderation training.This allows you/your employees to focus on the areas important for your/their development.
  • Our coaches have extensive experience and proven success on major projects. You and your employees will benefit from the high quality of our trainers.
  • You will always be well informed through close consultation with us and we will always provide you feedback on the trainings.
  • You/Your employees will practice effectively and professionally making presentations and conducting meetings.
  • Your employees will gain in confidence, improve their personal style, learn to express opinions clearly and be memorable to listeners.
  • They will optimize their rhetorical skills and learn to use language and non-linguistic techniques. As a result, they will gain in charisma, stature and persuasiveness.
  • Your employees will achieve success with our multi-faceted approach: exercise sequences, video feedback and real-life situations.

Communicate effectively and convincingly with WORTLAND.

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