German course in Munich

In today's working environment, good language skills are essential. If you employ people who have just moved to Germany, communication may be difficult at first. The German language in particular is said to be very difficult to learn. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to offer German courses even for a company whose corporate language is English. The primary goal is to familiarize employees with the new culture through the language and to build a bridge to German-speaking colleagues. Last but not least, you also make it easier for your employees to cope with everyday life, since they usually have to communicate in German with insurance companies, homeowners and tradesmen.

Is German really that difficult?

As with all other languages, German has easier and more difficult elements. How quickly someone acquires a new language also depends on the learner's linguistic background. If you already know other foreign languages, especially a Germanic language such as Dutch, learning German is easier because there are many parallels between the two languages. With our in-house and online German courses, your employees can systematically build up or deepen their language skills.

German courses in Munich or online

We offer German courses both as in-house training in Munich and online. This way, the language course can be perfectly integrated into the daily routine of your employees and they remain independent and flexible. We work with experienced and highly qualified native speaker trainers who have extensive know-how. The goal of the German course is to increase the linguistic level and confidence of your employees. In order to pick up your employees where they are linguistically, we first conduct a German assessment test. In this way, we pick up directly on the current level of knowledge. In our language courses, the focus is always on practical benefits. It is about understanding, speaking, reading and writing with a practical focus - so that your employees learn to communicate immediately in the target language. Correct grammar usage, regular vocabulary training and, of course, active communication are at the heart of our courses. For the individual course German as a foreign language, we use our WORTLAND method, which we have developed especially for expats.

When does the German course take place in Munich?

Our classroom and distance learning courses take place on request as individual courses and in-house company courses. Start your course whenever you want! You can receive a professional individual German course in the basic package for 480 € for 10 teaching units of 45 minutes each. Just contact us for further information.

We also offer a professional German course for doctors and nurses with exam preparation (German for nursing B2). This way, participants increase their professional appearance and linguistic confidence in dealing with patients and relatives. Ask about our customized in-house solutions - also for other foreign languages.