Body Language Munich

Use posture, facial expressions and gestures correctly and consciously use your body language to communicate professionally, confidently and purposefully!

The body language of your employees is an essential instrument of communication with customers and business partners. Facial expressions, gestures and posture not only determine the image of your employees, but also that of your company. For a successful first impression, body signals are crucial. For successful communication it is important to learn useful and effective strategies for the conscious use of body language!

Communication with customers and business partners begins even before the first word is spoken. The nonverbal signals of the body give us information about our counterpart from the very beginning and leave, be it consciously or unconsciously, a lasting impression. This starts with clothing and outward appearance of your employees, continues with their posture and ends with the use of their hands and eye contact when saying goodbye.

We specifically offer you and your employees, strategies and useful tips on the use of gestures - the movements of arms, hands and head - and facial expressions. You will learn and train gestures that radiate empathy, security or dominance, and learn how to recognize and avoid gestures that have a negative effect. For example, so-called emblems - generally understandable gestures such as the sign for "Be quiet!" can be trained and used purposefully to signal cautious agreement. Or, for example, the professional use and posture of the hands to radiate seriousness and self-confidence even in moments of uncertainty.

We also teach your employees the conscious use of facial expressions. Facial expressions describe the movements of our eyes and face and play a prominent role in every conversation situation. We express feelings and moods especially through our eyes and mouth. If we are able to use the signals of our face and our looks correctly, we can, for example, react appropriately to statements or suggestions of the other person or create certain moods. Tightening the corners of the mouth, for example, does not automatically leave the impression of a benevolent smile, but can also be interpreted as malice. With us, your employees will learn body language that makes them look authentic, likeable and competent, and thus communicate more purposefully and successfully.

Another essential component of non-verbal communication is the correct use of eye contact. Regardless of whether your employees wear glasses or not - the right eye contact contributes significantly to a pleasant conversation atmosphere. Here, too, we offer you proven strategies that contribute to a positive and appreciative conversational climate. Since intercultural aspects have to be taken into account, especially when it comes to eye contact, we also sensitize your employees in this regard.

Contact us and turn your employees into experts in non-verbal communication.