Personnel development

A company is only as good as its employees. We are convinced of this. Invest in your team and benefit from our wide range of training opportunities in Munich.

What does the term personnel development mean?

Personnel development is a classic term used in human resources management. It includes all measures that serve to promote and train team members. The purpose of personnel development is to train the employees of a company in their professional, methodological or social skills. The overriding goal of a personnel developer is to be able to deploy the right person at the right time for the required position. In essence, HR development meets the company's goals, staffing needs and the individual career aspirations of employees.

What are the goals of personnel development?

Personnel development makes a significant contribution to improving the competitive situation, and to the success of the company. The foundation for successful personnel development is laid in a well-structured and professionally conducted appraisal interview. In addition, personnel development aims to maintain, promote and/or expand the professional and methodological competencies of team members and individuals. This involves, for example, the promotion of analytical thinking or the formation of cost awareness. Of course, social and personal qualifications also play an essential role in the company's success. Training in self-management or leadership skills adds value to the entire company. Other goals of good HR development include identifying and preparing potential future leaders (talent management), securing the necessary pool of specialists and managers, and increasing employee motivation and satisfaction. A good HR developer also has the task of recognizing miscasts and counteracting deficits in staffing. The overall aim is to increase efficiency and profitability within the company.

What are the goals of personnel development from the employee's point of view?

The professional world today demands a lot from employees: very good qualifications, experience and a high level of commitment. Even those who have excellent qualifications and have already gained a lot of experience can still improve their skills, especially the increasingly important soft skills. This can be achieved with various personnel development measures. Training and further education help to recognize and develop unused potential and to shape one's own area of tasks and responsibilities in a way that is appropriate to one's inclination. Appropriate measures can reduce the risk of job loss and increase the chances of a better position with more responsibility and higher income. These measures also increase the employee's own prestige and self-confidence. A win-win situation for superiors, personnel developers and employees!

Personnel development in Munich

External training and further education of team members often makes sense. On the one hand, supervisors and personnel developers are rarely experts in all areas, such as rhetoric or body language. On the other hand, they sometimes lack the time to train their own employees. Last but not least, employees usually act more freely and speak more openly about their wishes and strengths when superiors are not present. We are happy to take over the further training of your employees and offer numerous training courses and seminars in the field of personnel development. Contact us - we will be happy to advise you!