A good presentation requires one thing above all: a convincing presentation style. In our seminars, participants learn how to make their presentations lively and engage their audience.

Whether it's a workshop, a pitch or a presentation in a business meeting: In many professions and positions, regular speeches and (online) presentations are essential. In the best case, the presentation captivates your audience, and they take home an important message. However, convincing presentations have to be learned: Beautiful slides and the use of various media and tools are not enough - only a convincing presentation style brings the PowerPoint presentation to life. In our seminars on presentation and rhetoric, your employees will not only learn how to create a professional (online) presentation, but also how they and their presentation will remain in the minds of their audience.

What is the best way to make a presentation?

In our practical seminars on rhetoric and presentation, your employees will learn the most important skills for creating and delivering convincing presentations. Of course, nowadays there is a whole range of digital aids that make it much easier to create a presentation. There are many fancy templates for PowerPoint and Keynote. However, the most elegant PowerPoint presentation is of no use if certain rules for success are not followed. The following tips will make any presentation successful:

1. Storytelling

Especially in professional circles, presentations can quickly sound dry and boring. For example, if you reproduce scientific papers 1:1, you will not be able to inspire your audience, so wrap up what you have to say in a lively story. Convey the story as if it concerned the listener himself. Good storytelling - not just in the opening - will make your audience feel picked-up.

2. Pay attention to your body language and your voice.

Did you know that barely 10% of what we express is conveyed through words? Much more important than what we say is our body language. It alone accounts for over 50% of our communication. Therefore, it is best to give the presentation standing up. The speaker should stand relaxed, open and self-confident, and use gestures and facial expressions with confidence. Voice and body exercises are an integral part of our seminars to ensure that our customers are also convinced by their confident body language during their presentations.

3. Keep eye contact

If you want to convince your audience, you have to make eye contact with the people in your audience. This is the only way to create a connection between the speaker and his audience.

4. Address the audience specifically

If people feel personally addressed by the presentation, then the speaker has done something right. Nothing is worse than a presentation that could have been given to any other audience.

5. Consider different perspectives

People in your audience are usually not sitting in their chairs without good reason. They want to learn something new from the presentation and take it home. Therefore, a topic should be explored from different perspectives and provide value to all listeners.

What is part of a corporate presentation?

A nice design and rhetorical presentation techniques are important to convince the audience. But of course, the content is also important. In our seminars, participants learn what is included in a good company presentation. These contents are a must in every company presentation:

Facts and figures about the company

Company structure presented in an organizational chart

Mentioning certificates and awards

Presentation of key figures

Illustration of competencies with references and testimonials

Many other important questions are clarified in our seminars. Not only the "Dos": What do you have to consider when giving a presentation, but also the "Don'ts": What should you avoid at all costs when giving a presentation? What makes a bad presentation?

We would be happy to advise you on the right presentation workshop - online or on site! Please feel free to contact us!