Spanish course in Munich

In today's working environment, good or very good language skills are essential. If you employ people whose Spanish is not up to the required level, communication with customers and suppliers from Spain and Latin America will be difficult at first. This creates friction losses that quickly slow down a company.

What is the best way to learn Spanish for business?

If you want to improve your Spanish skills, you should have a clear goal. Motivators can be new tasks, such as building a business relationship or an upcoming assignment. Once the goal and content for the Spanish course are clear, it is beneficial to know one's own learning preferences and learning type (visual, auditory, motor, communicative). In addition, a motivating trainer is needed who, in the best case, comes from the country whose compatriots are to be communicated with first and foremost. Castellano (Spain) is different from the Spanish spoken in Argentina or Mexico. Last but not least, all activities should take place in the target language as far as possible: Watching news & movies, reading professional articles & books, networking activities - all preferably in Spanish!

Learn Spanish in Munich or online - wherever you like

We offer language courses both as in-house training in Munich and online. This way, the Spanish course can be perfectly integrated into the daily routine of your employees and they remain independent and flexible. We work with experienced and highly qualified native-speaking trainers from various Spanish-speaking countries who have extensive know-how. The goal of the Spanish course is to increase the linguistic level and confidence of your employees. In order to pick up your employees where they are linguistically, we first determine their level. In this way, we tie in directly with their current state of knowledge. In our Spanish courses, the focus is always on the practical use and applicability of the language skills in (professional) everyday life. Correct use of grammar, vocabulary training, correct pronunciation and of course active communication are at the heart of our courses.

When does the Spanish course take place in Munich?

Our classroom and distance learning courses take place on request. We offer company courses and individual Spanish courses. You can get a professional individual Spanish course in the basic package for 480 € for 10 lessons of 45 minutes each. With our in-house and online Spanish courses, your employees can systematically build up or deepen their language skills. Contact us now - also for information on our other foreign language offerings!