Speech Training

Did you know that the content of what is said only accounts for 7% of the effect? Body language, speech and voice are crucial for a successful overall impression. A full 38 % of one's success depends on speech and voice. Even before we pay attention to the content of what is said, we tend to form an image of our counterpart in a few seconds - based solely on his facial expressions, gestures, speech and voice! Speech and voice can signal both confidence and insecurity. However, a confident, self-assured appearance does not occur in every situation. Sometimes one gets tongue-tied, suddenly starts speaking in a low voice or struggles for words. But why is that?

Language and voice as success factors

Everyone knows it - there are situations in which we lose our voice or struggle for words. There are many reasons: Our state of mind and mood or our personality traits such as introversion or insecurity can have an influence on the voice. Some people have simply not learned how to use their voice and speech. They may speak too softly, too loudly, illegibly, too slowly or too quickly. However, your employees do not have to resign themselves to this fate! With our targeted speech and voice training, your employees will improve their impact and learn to communicate successfully. Especially employees who are often interrupted in team meetings have a hard time: They may have great ideas, but they are overheard. To make sure these ideas don't get lost, your employees learn in our speech training courses how to train their pronunciation and their voice in order to make themselves heard.

How does healthy speech breathing work?

Healthy speech breathing is silent and fast and happens reflexively. The speaker finishes his/her sentences effortlessly. The exhalation (speaking phase) usually takes much longer than the inhalation. If you are now asking yourself: Doesn't healthy speech breathing work intuitively? We are sorry to disappoint you: Many people have difficulties with proper breathing. This manifests itself in shortness of breath, wheezing, noisy breathing or gasping for air. Especially in an employee interview, during a presentation or in team meetings, this can often distract from the actual content. In our speech training sessions, we carry out targeted breathing exercises with the participants to improve their breathing, voice and manner of speaking.

Relieve the strain on your own voice when speaking

Especially in professions where a lot of speaking is necessary, your voice needs to be protected and relieved. Otherwise, serious illnesses of the vocal cords can be the result. Overstraining one's own voice can also be a reason why our voice suddenly breaks. Correct breathing alone can relieve the strain on the voice enormously. Speech training is ideal for all those who have to talk a lot in their job or who are not yet able to use their voice in a targeted and healthy way.

What should every speaker keep in mind?

Speech training is a kind of fitness training for the voice. Our speech training is based on the five pillars of speech technique:

  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Voice
  • Articulation
  • Phonetics
  • Expression

These individual areas are specifically trained and build on each other. Whether it's loosening the shoulders, learning the basics of the vocal apparatus, breathing exercises or targeted pronunciation - in our training sessions with professional voice coaches, participants learn everything they need to know to make a successful overall impression and speak convincingly.