What is storytelling?

Storytelling describes a communication method for conveying information, knowledge, values, opinions, etc. This can be done using language, texts, images or videos. True stories from everyday life as well as constructed stories, anecdotes or experiences can be used.

What is the purpose of storytelling?

Mere information is quickly forgotten. In order to remain in a client's memory or to illustrate content that is difficult to understand to employees and colleagues, stories (or corresponding images and videos) are the means of choice. This is also because stories reach the counterpart on a more emotional level and therefore remain in the memory for a long time.

Possible application areas of storytelling

Passing on information (knowledge)

Demonstration of problem-solving strategies

Introduction of new thought processes

Conveying life experience

Motivation for action

Definition of role expectations

Expanding the repertoire of behaviors

Stimulating behavioral change

What can storytelling do?

Complex contents become tangible through a coherent story.

Content is enhanced through storytelling.

Storytelling can be used to shape personal and corporate image.

a story can create enthusiasm among the audience.

messages can be emotionalized through storytelling and pull on the audience's heartstrings.

What are the characteristics of successful storytelling?

A simple plot and simple things

The more concrete, the more efficient!

The story should be credible and...

...contain an element of surprise!

Emotionality - a good story can surprise the listeners and readers, chill them, make them wonder, cry or laugh!

Conclusion: Is storytelling a must for entrepreneurs and companies? If it is good, it certainly creates competitive advantages! After all, what would Apple be without Steve Jobs and his presentation on the market launch of the iPhone...?

We’ll be happy to support you in finding and preparing your story or your "hero's journey" according to Joseph Campbell, who believed "people are looking less for the meaning of life than for the experience of being alive"!