The WORTLAND Method for German as a Foreign Language is aimed at expats and their family members who want to learn German quickly and efficiently. Our customers communicate in German from the first class.

Included in the WORTLAND method:

  • Targeted questioning method to introduce new vocabulary and structures.
  • Methods to review and practice what you have learned.
  • Special sentence patterns for practicing complex patterns (adjective endings, relative clauses, etc.)
  • Phonetical training.
  • Reading methods.
  • Methods for working with texts, which help to expand ones’ vocabulary.
  • Role play.
  • Opportunties to communicate in real-life situations.

For German and all other languages we use a variety of methods, depending on the language level and the objectives of the course. The decisive factor is always the customer and his training goals.

What we offer you:

Correctly using the new language from the first hour.

Gaining confidence in your speaking abilities.

Correctly using linguistic structures.

Using proper pronunciation from day one.

Learning quickly through holistic learning, using both halves of the brain.

Finding motivation through sucessful experiences.

Improving memory and learning performance, as a result of structured, relaxed and fun lesson.

Learn a language professionally with WORTLAND.

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