WORTLAND. Because clear communication is convincing.

Languages, Communication and Leadership Trainings for successful communication in international companies.

Clear and appreciative communication motivates, strengthens cooperation and improves the customer relation. Our task is to develop the ideal concept for executives and their employees and to select the appropriate trainer so that communication within the company and with customers is successful.

Further Education:

"Thinking outside the box" through targeted training - the basis for entrepreneurial success.

Experience has shown how important further education and training of employees is when it comes to increasing their motivation. Even a language course or a specifically designed training can make a significant contribution to improving the performance of your employees. Broadening horizons and investing in education - this is the basis for your long-term business success.

Further education - from language courses to leadership coaching

English is known to be the "world language", but some employees do not speak it at the required level. "Good" language skills are often not enough in everyday business life. A Chinese or Russian language course might build bridges to new customers too. French, Spanish or Italian also play an important role in international business life. Ask about our professional language courses.

Further education comprises all essential aspects of communication - from presentation, negotiation and moderation skills to sales. We focus not only on rhetoric, but also on para verbal (voice and manner of speaking) and non-verbal aspects (facial expressions, gestures, body language). In addition, successful communication includes active listening, speaking to the point and an optimized argumentation style. Last but not least, leadership topics also fall within the scope of advanced training.

Focus on customized concepts for further training

Being responsive to each other is not only crucial within a team. Professional and appreciative communication is fundamental for the success of a company when it comes to negotiations or discussions with customers. Furthermore, digitalization and globalization are constantly changing teamwork and employee management. Appropriate executive coaching and training as well as team-building measures are therefore indispensable. However, off-the-shelf training is not always the best choice. With us, you receive modular training that is tailored to your company and builds on your previous measures.

Our approach - cooperative and customized

In cooperation with our corporate clients, we develop tailor-made solutions - both online and on-site. Our professional trainers and coaches have years of expertise in a wide range of areas. From individual language courses to leadership coaching. Our goal is to provide you and your colleagues with the best possible support right from the start. Ask for an appointment with our friendly team of experts now!

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